Tom Bilyue / Impact Theory
Tom Bilyue / Impact Theory
Content Creation
Content Creation
Eduardo Ponce
Hi there!
Let's get the obvious out of the way
 I am a Portrait & Commercial photographer based out of Orange County, CA 
  - available for destination / on location work -  

 Now onto a little background on me, 
I was a super shy kid growing up, but as soon as I first picked up a camera at 16 years old it opened up my eyes to a completely new reality. I instantly fell in love with the process & craft of creating an image. 
I'd carry my camera around with me every day and till this day I still do, I started off taking photographs of musicians and eventually got to travel/tour with rock bands around the country capturing their day to day lives on the road, both on stage for hundreds/thousands of fans and all the private intimate moments on our off time that few fans get to see. 
Getting to know and live these moments with these artists whom in turn have become dear friends of mine was something I never thought I'd get to experience, all because of this little wonderful little piece of technology we call a camera.

 I now run my own photo studio in downtown Santa Ana where I focus on portraiture & fashion work.  
When on location, I work in the luxury space with notable brands/companies; helping them create visuals & guide their social media presence. 

I love what I do and take pride in what I get to create with everyone, getting to build meaningful relationships. 

Notable Clients/ People Collaborated With :
 Alternative Press Magazine, Substream Magazine, MetalHammer Magazine, Volcom Girls, Ethika Swimwear, Rise Records, Made In The Shade Records, Express Clothing, Rolls Royce North America, Red Wolf Ent. Haute Living, Impact Theory, Lifted Anchors LA

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